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Overview and Description of Projects

Realizing that Biblical Greek (Koine) is essential for Christian education, The Institute of Biblical Greek assists those who want to learn Greek and those who have begun the life long project of improving their Greek language skills. Thus our goal is to be a resource that offers tools, helps and recommendations as well as a gateway to other fantastic resources on the web. We have received many requests and have many ideas for the development of original tools and learning aids and are excited about publishing them. Please take a look at our list of current projects and future projects on this page to get an idea of the type of work we are doing. As we work towards these goals we will cheerfully proceed at whatever pace the Lord allows. All thanks to Him for blessing our work to offer our current resources.

1. Background, Purpose and Goals

2. Current Projects (to increase this general awareness)

3. Donations and Current Needs

1. Background, Purpose and Goals

The Institute of Biblical Greek is established to advance the exegetical skills and Biblical understanding of motivated Christians. With all of its divisions and fractures, the one thing that all Christendom holds in common is Holy Scripture. If only five percent of those who believe the New Testament were able to read and study it in the original Greek, many divisions would be reconciled and much spiritual growth in unity would result. Currently, the percentage of Christians who know Greek is hardly measurable, so there is a lot of work to be done. Please read on to find out what the Institute of Biblical Greek is doing, and how you can help reach the goal of seeing five percent of the church literate in our original Word.

Inspiring more Christians to want to learn Greek is one of the chief goals of the Institute. It isn't enough to merely sharpen the skills of those who already know some Greek. To make any significant advancement more Christians must be motivated and empowered to work with the original language of the New Testament. For this reason we don't merely offer Greek classes and resources. We also offer intensive seminars that teach "English-only-readers" how to involve original language research in their Bible study. Our hope is that by wading in, more people will get so accustomed to the value of original language interpretation that they will desire to dive all of the way in and actually learn Greek.

It is not an accident that the church suffers such a high level of original language illiteracy. There are many factors that contribute to the problem. Americans are blessed with conveniences of all kinds. This includes a plethora of Bible study aids and translations. A vast number of people believe that there is no reason to learn how to wield our living sword in the original language when we can handle it with all of our translations. However, they do not realize that the mere number of translations shows the truth of the old adage "something is always lost in translation." The Institute of Biblical Greek offers the solution to these problems by finding more and more ways to increase general awareness of the necessity and value for Christians to invest time with the Word in the original language.

2. Current Projects (to increase this general awareness)

  • Developing a presence on the world wide web
    • The Institute consistently ranks at the top of the first page in the Google search for "Biblical Greek".
    • One of the goals of the web site is to funnel those interested in Bible study and exegesis to the benefits of original language study.
    • The Institute is committed to offering many educational pages freely online. This not only includes educational lectures, videos, graphic charts and audio files, but also recommending books and links to other helpful web sites.
    • The Institute provides an online forum as an encouraging resource for those learning the language.
  • Speaking at Christian educational and theological conferences, such as the Society of Biblical Literature and the Evangelical Theological Society where Dr. John Schwandt has presented papers on Unicode interfaces for typing in ancient Greek.
  • Developing a news letter to promote various areas of Biblical Greek. (Let us know if you would like to be on the list.)
  • The Institute also developed and administrated the National Biblical Greek Exam for nearly a decade.

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