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Posted: 2/17/14
The 2014 Online Beginning Greek Class (evenings) has just started. This Thursday we begin with the first chapter of the textbook. There still are some spots open and you can still sign up. Click here for more information and to sign up.

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John D. Schwandt, M.A.
Curriculum Vitae

New St. Andrews College, Senior Fellow of Classical Languages, 1997-present

John D. Schwandt is a Senior Fellow of Classical Languages at New St. Andrews. He currently teaches all of the Greek courses, and previously taught Latin and Hebrew. Mr. Schwandt completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Idaho. He earned his Master of Arts from Westminster Theological Seminary in California in 1997 and will be completing his D.Min. in Bible Translation at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2013. In addition to his passion for the Greek language he has special interest in interpretative methods, hermeneutics, and the philosophy of language. He loves to travel to Greece to work on fluency in the modern Greek tongue.

Founded and directed the National Biblical Greek Exam, 2002-2011

Mr. Schwandt developed and was the director of the National Biblical Greek Exam until 2011, when he was able to hand it over to Logos Bible Software and focus more on teaching rather than assessment. The NBGE is an online exam that seeks to promote the study of Biblical Greek by assessing and directing students in specific areas of grammatical knowledge, and by giving detailed feedback to instructors and schools about the performance of their Greek programs. The National Biblical Greek Exam was debuted at the 2003 annual Society of Biblical Literature conference and was then asked to be the subject of a special session in 2005 (Buist Fanning presided over the panel consisting of John Schwandt, John Lawarence, and Larry Braskamp (Former president of CHEA -the governmental body that accredits all nationally recognized accreditation bodies) and repeated to present papers on the project at SBL in 2010 and 2011. John Schwandt also presented a papers on the National Biblical Greek Exam at the Northwest Regional Meeting of the Evangelical Society 2006 and the annual meeting in 2011. Currently, there are a number of universities and seminaries using the exam.

Instructor for Greek In A Week and New Testament Language Training intensive summer seminars, 1998-present

Mr. Schwandt developed a curriculum of teaching the basics of Biblical Greek in one week. Each year various educational and theological institutions invite him to teach Greek In A Week. With the developments in computerized technology the nature of this course has been able to change over the years. Since computer software and websites can provide all parsing, morphological and vocabulary data to readers, students who just want to learn how to interact with the original language don’t need to speed time memorizing such data. So now the course has been able to be distilled into 15 hours and simply teaches the logical and grammar of the language and how to engage it with Bible software. So now it is called New Testament Language Training. Please take a look at the host list for this year's presentations, or start organizing one in your own city. It only takes a class size of eight to bring the course to your city.

Director of the Institute of Biblical Greek Online Classes, 2002-present

Mr. Schwandt directs a couple of live online Greek tutorials for the Institute of Biblical Greek. Throughout the academic year, these tutorials meet once a week. In the beginning course, students work through the book 1 of the Athenaze curriculum. Mr. Schwandt teaches the curriculum conversationally as one would expect with modern languages. The intermediate course completes the curriculum. Then there is a weekly reading group for people who just was to maintain or improve their current skill with short New Testament readings each week.


Mr. Schwandt resides in Moscow with his beautiful wife, Tabithah. They have three sons, John Owen, Samuel Rutherford (Sammy) and Kaspar Olevianus (Kas) and one daughter Gwyneth Gabriella (GiGi). They are hoping to develop some toddler and elementary Greek learning materials for parents who don't know Greek. Since children are accustomed to learning languages Greek study can be very beneficial and fun at these ages. There is no need to learn Latin first since everything is foreign to youngsters. John Owen learned the Lord's prayer in Greek at the age of two.

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