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New Testament Language Training

(AKA "Greek In A Week")

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Page Contents:

1. Description of Greek In A Week

2. Features of the Course

3. Benefits of Greek in a Week for Your Study and Ministry

4. How to bring a New Testament Language Training course to your city

5. Put your name on the "interested list"

6. How to take the course online

7. Cost

8. About the Instructor

9. Preparation

10. Scheduled Locations

1. Description of New Testament Language Training

New Testament Language Training (also known as "Greek in a Week") is a focused presentation of how the original New Testament langauge can benefit your Bible study. The course runs for approximately 15 hours (Friday and Saturday) or if you choose to take the online version of the course it runs in the evenings for Wednesday through Friday and then six hours on Saturday so it doesn't have to take you away from your work.

This year you can start learning how the supporting structure behind our English translations can inform your interpretation and exegesis. If you have had some Greek training in the past (not required for this course) you will find that this course is perfect for refreshing your Biblical language skills. The vast majority of the church and its leadership is limited to superficial Bible aids. This course trains you how to involve the language of the New Testament to deepen your Bible study and get the most out of your Bible software.

By learning the logic and structure of the language of the New Testament, and using a computer program to supply the details, you can begin studying the New Testament in the original language within just one week. If you aren’t studying your New Testament in the original, you don’t know what you’re missing. With original language skills you will:

  • ask new questions of the text
  • see original structures and argument flow
  • have more conviction for theological conclusions
  • enjoy the beauty of the very words that God inspired

2. Features of the Course

  • Taught by Professor John Schwandt (Editor of ESV Reverse Interlinear and the Voice of Biblical Greek in most Bible software)
  • The course is taught from the perspective of interpretation and exegesis instead of working through a laundry list of grammatical forms. (All regular grammatical forms of the language are covered but always answering the question "What does this mean for my interpretation?")
  • We work through a 100 page syllabus that shows how to perform original language study using Logos Bible Software.
  • No previous knowledge of the language is required.
  • Logos Bible Software—although not required for the course—is used to present and work with the language.
  • Specific training on how to use Bible software to perform original language exegesis
  • The course finishes by showing attendees how they can use their Greek grammatical knowledge to translate 1 John.

3. Benefits of Greek in a Week for Your Study and Ministry

  • Even if you could care less about Biblical Greek, NT Language Training will equip you to read your English New Testament more confidently and carefully with an understanding of its supporting structure.
  • The NT Language Training program delivers substantial knowledge of the language. Since all the study (e.g., vocabulary, paradigm reviews, translation and composition) is done under the immediate direction of the instructor, it is impossible to come away from the week without a considerable understanding of basic Greek. We don't simply talk about language we train you how to analyze it.
  • NT Language Training provides a considerable advantage to pastors who want to jumpstart their understanding of Greek or students that plan to take Greek in the coming academic year.
  • NT Language Training is also the perfect refresher for those who have studied a little Greek in the past but have forgotten most of it. The systematic approach to the course provides a map to collect and arrange all of those parts of the language that have slipped away. It will also add to the total body of knowledge and reading skill of anyone who has studied Greek in the past.
  • NT Language Training will train you how to use language aids like Logos Bible software. You’ll learn how to you Logos to enhance and enrich your study of the Greek New Testament.

4. How to bring New Testament Language Training to your city

The quickest way to have a New Testament Language Training course in your city is to find ten or more people who share this desire and then schedule the event. This is easier than it sounds; often times it only requires one day of footwork to generate the interested group. Simply call your local churches (of every denomination, the course is a great way to build local bridges since one of the things we all have in common is a desire to better understand and enjoy the scriptures) and ask if you can post a flyer that will let people know about the possibility of the local course (you can email us for an electronic copy of the flyer). If you're interested in bringing Greek in a Week to your city, fill out the form below to let us know.

5. Put your name on the "interested list."

We have a sign up list so people can let us know what kind of interest in building in any city. Simply go to this page and check the boxes of cities that you would possibly be able to attend a New Testament Language Training course. Then enter your name, email, and phone number so we can contact you once there is sufficient interest to see if we can find a time and specific location that will work for you. You can also add additional cities to list. Feel free to check many cities (or the "will travel to any city" box). Come back any time to check on the interest levels of your cities. You can enter your email address to highlight all of the cities that you are currently interested in. Please tell your friends and colleagues about this list so we can increase the "currently scheduled" list.

Once the interest level fills up, we will email everyone who is interested in that location to determine when would be a good time for the majority if not all of those interested. We normally like to schedule the event at least a couple of months out so we all have time to make plans and others have time to join us.

6. How to take the course online

Now you have the option to take the course online. So you don't have to wait for interest to build in your city. In addition the online version of the course is recorded so you can come back and review your experience at your convenience. Simply go to this page to see when the next online course will be held and to sign up.

7. Cost

The cost of New Testament Language Training depends on the type of course. The cost of the of the course is $280 per person when to course is offered live in a local church, but is only $230 for the online version since we don't have to cover expenses like travel. There are discounts available for those who sign up early. If you are amoung the first 10 to sign up the cost is only $250 for the live local presentation, and $190 for the online version.

Please visit the course offerings page to find out more information and secure your spot.

8. About the Instructor

John D. Schwandt is a Senior Fellow of Classical Languages at New St. Andrews College, where he currently teaches Greek and has also taught Latin and Hebrew. He earned his M.A. from Westminster Theological Seminary in California, and has also pursued further study in Latin, philosophy of language, and immersive language study in Greece. Currently he is working on a Doctor of Minsitry in Bible Translation at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Prof. Schwandt is the General Editor for the ESV Reverse Interlinear New Testament, the voice behind the Greek Audio New Testament, and the director of the National Biblical Greek Exam.

You can follow him on Facebook and be updated as he produces more educational videos on YouTube.

9. Preparation for Greek in a Week

If you've signed up for the course, we have some prep work available for you so you can get a small head start. Right now, we have an alphabet video; so all our students can be familiar with the pronunciation system before the class starts. We'll be adding other preparation helps soon.

10. Past Locations and those building interest

Some Previous Events


Kansas City

Iowa City


Los Angeles


Houston, TX

Santa Barbara

San Jose


* Fredericksburg, VA (July 29- Aug. 2)


* Lancaster, PA (July 16-20)


* Lancaster, PA (July 17-21)


* Boise, ID (June 14-18)

* Lancaster, PA (July 18-22) (Latin In A Week)


* Paducha, KY

* Lancaster, PA (July 19-23)

* Moscow, ID (September 30 - October 2)


* Lancaster, PA

* Moscow, ID

* Bellingham, WA


* Lancaster, PA (Latin In A Week)

* Moscow, ID


* Moscow, ID (Latin In A Week)

* Moscow, ID


* Moscow, ID

Get started working with the Language of the New Testament today! Sign up or put your name on the list at the course home page. If you have any questions please Email any questions you may have or call John Schwandt at 509-432-4355.