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Posted: 3/15/16
Dr. Schwandt is currently on a sabbatical from offering Greek courses and reading groups. We are currently working on a way to offer the educational materials without the live component.


Greek Audio Links

Listening to a langauge and learning how to speak a language is necesery to advance to a level of fluency. Below are a number of links to sites with Greek radio and educational sites that use audio and multi-media in their web presentations.

1. Modern Greek News and Radio Links

2. Historic Biblical Greek Pronunciation

3. Erasmmian Pronunciation

1. Modern Greek News and Radio Links

Greeks for Christ International - Greeks For Christ International is based in Oakland, California and the radio program, The Greek Hour Of Hope,(31 yrs old) is distributed to stations in the US, Canada, Greece and Australia. They are also producing music, video/DVDs, other materials, hold conferences and conduct evangelistic campaigns. They published an "Olympic" bilingual New Testament and distributed already 25,000 copies at the Athens Olympics and since then.

Greek Christian Radio Station - A Christian radio station in Thessaloniki.

Live Greek News (Video) in Greek - Hear the day's news in Greek

BBC news in Greek - Hear the day's news in Greek - A number of radio stations from Greece.

ILG Radio's International Broadcasting Web Directory - Lists of links to many radio stations in Greece.

Greek Biblos - This is a Modern Greek site that has the Old and New Testament online in Modern Greek. It also has a couple Greek fonts available, as well as a discussion board and other resources.

Loquendo - This site will read Greek for you. You can either type in the Greek using the Windows Greek keyboard or you can cut an paste Greek from the New Testament from a Unicode source without accents, like Curtis Hinson's site.

Great Audio CDs of Biblical Greek Chants (Modern Greek Pronunciation)

The liturgy of St. Chrysostom is a common historic liturgy to both western and eastern wings of Christianity. The hands down best recording of the "Devine Liturgy" is available on Amazon's site has samples of many of the chants on the CD. Please listen to Psalm 102.

There is a beautiful audio CD of Orthodox Greek Chants from St. Anthony's Monastary. Here is the link to the CD.

2. Historic Biblical Greek Pronunciation

Visit our Page Entirely Dedicated to Historic Biblical Pronunciation Variations

Many of these links have audio files so you can hear examples of how historic Biblical Greek was pronounced.

Biblical Greek Reconstructed - Dr. Randall Buth has gone to great lengths to reconstruct the historic and authentic pronunciation of Biblical Greek at the time of Christ. You can listen to him read I John with this link.

Traditional Greek Hymns - This site has a number of samples of hymns with both male and female voices.

Audio of Chrysostom's Liturgy - You can listen to an hour liturgy online. The choir parts are very nice. Alphabet - Micheal Palmer has a great site. This page compares the sounds of Modern Greek and reconstructed Biblical Greek. - This site has a number of the books of the New Testament avaiable for listening in MP3 format. The pronunciation is nice and fast but a little low in tone. The pronunciation of gamma is a little too hard, especially when preceding ee sounds -- a good resource nonetheless.

3. Erasmian Greek Pronunciation

Visit our Page Entirely Dedicated to Erasmain Pronunciation Variations

Practical Erasmian Pronunciation Survey - An informal survey of the variations with the Erasmian tradition

Erasmian Audio Files (Machen) - Great page with recorded sounds and animations showing how to write out each letter.

Berkeley Pronunciation Guide (Allen) - This is a great page with recorded sounds (male and female voices) of each letter and diphthong. They follow Allen except on (HU).

NT Greek Pronunciation (Mounce) - Click the letters or other examples to hear how the Mounce system sounds. There are examples of complete phrases here.

Ancient Greek Pronunciation (Allen) - Pronunciation chart with examples following the Allen convention

Erasmian Chart (Machen) - This is a good reference page for more pronunciation examples and instructions on writing the letters.

Jefferson's Opinion - Thomas Jefferson argues for the Erasmian pronunciation because he believes it is more historicaly accurate (1819).

Potter's Erasmian Explanation and Examples - Don Potter has a explanation of the Erasmian system. He includes the vowel triangle with audio aids.

New Testament Reading (Mounce) - Marilyn Phemister reads the New Testment using the Mounce style of the Erasmian pronunciation. The New Testament is Wescott-Hort Greek New Testament 1881.

Spiphanies - This is a fantastic audio gateway site for ancient Greek. There are many links to audio recordings for almost every classical Greek curriculum.

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