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Posted: 3/15/16
Dr. Schwandt is currently on a sabbatical from offering Greek courses and reading groups. We are currently working on a way to offer the educational materials without the live component.


Composition Aids

Perseus Parsing Tool - This tool will parse any Greek word. The tricky part is using their chart to type in the correct Roman letters which correspond to their Greek font. The little program which allows you to pick Greek letters from a palette doesn't work with eta and omega.

Unbound Bible - Greek Word Parser - Enter the word which is troubling you (according to their transliteration scheme) and the program will give you the possible grammatical parsings.

καλός conjugator program - This is a freeware program that will conjugate verbs.

English to Greek Dictionary (Woodhouse) - This site will search and display the appropriate page of Woodhouse's English-Greek Dictionary. This dictionary is a must for composition and this site allow people to use it without paying the $85 to buy it.

NT English to Greek Lexicon - You can enter English words, Greek words or Strong's numbers and this site will find New Testament English or Greek words.

Modern Greek to English or English to Greek Lexicon - Sometimes it is helpful to know the modern Greek word and then use the root to find a suitable ancient equivalent.

English to Greek Transliterator - Sometimes when there is no possible translation a transliteration will suffice. This site was designed to transliterate names, but it will translaterate any words.

LSJ Online Lexicon - This is a great lexicon and you can search for English words in the meaning sections so you can use this resource as an English to Greek lexicon. So it make a great balance to Woodhouse.

General Phonetic Sites

International Phonetic Association - This site has great charts which map how sounds are produced.

Free Phonetic Tutorial - This site will let you listen to sounds by selecting phonetic symbols

IPA Tutorial - This site has the International Phonetic Alphabet and has the sound spoken by both a male and female voice.

UCL Department of Phonetics & Linguistics - This site has very good web tutorials.

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