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Posted: 3/15/16
Dr. Schwandt is currently on a sabbatical from offering Greek courses and reading groups. We are currently working on a way to offer the educational materials without the live component.


Greek New Testament Texts and Online Tools Description

Greek New Testaments are easy to find online. Below is a list of links to sites that provide the Greek New Testament online. Many of the sites offer additional helps and tools for their New Testament Greek texts. Some tools include various search functions, automatic parsing and various font displays that will allow you to see the Greek of the New Testament no matter how you have configured your computer.

The sites below focus specifically on the Greek text of the New Testament. If you are more interested in learning Greek grammar, vocabulary, exegesis, pronunciation, or Greek fonts, we have specific page addressing those issues and more. You are welcome to browse through the topics in the links sidebar. If you are looking for books or other non Internet resources please visit recommended books.

Links to Greek New Testament Texts and Online Tools

Greek texts that parse words

Perseus New Testament - This site displays the Westcot-Hort Greek NT and will parse the Greek words as you click on them. There are many different display options in order to see the Greek text. Click on "Configure display" in the upper left corner to adjust the language and font. - (NA26)- You have your choice of displaying GNT passages in Symbol font, images, Athena font, Unicode (Palatino Linotype), or all caps. Includes one-click parsing and definitions.

Greek texts that are searchable

The Unbound Bible - You may choose from many languages and texts including the Greek NA 26, Textus Recptus (1550), and the majority text (Westcot-Hort). It uses the symbol font or Unicode to display the Greek text. Also check out their Greek Greek Parser and Lexicon.

Olive Tree Greek New Testament - The site has many different online Greek texts, but you must have one of the many Greek fonts downloaded on your machine. Links for downloads are available.

Mere Greek texts

Biblon 2000 - This is a very nice site that allows you to click on words to see textual variants.

The Bible Tool - This is a very nice online tool. You can customize the background and display morphology (parsing) and commentary information. To display the Greek texts, 1) click on "Bible Texts" (left sidebar). 2) scroll down to select your Greek text (e.g., Byzantine Majority Text, Septuagint, Textus Receptus, Tishendorf's, Unaccented Modern Greek, Westcott-Hort w/NA27 variants). 3) Enter your passage in the "by verse or passage" box.

The Greek New Testament - The Westcot-Hort GNT with NA26/27 variants. It uses the symbol font present on most computers.

Westcot-Hort Greek New Testament - The Christian Classics Ethereal Library with the Westcot-Hort GNT, (Unicode font) - Type in the desired passage in the search box and see both the Greek and English translation of the text. Click on any Greek word and automatically see definitions and concordance information. (You must download their Greek font.)

Interlinear Septuagint Greek and English - This great site provides free PDF's of interlinear texts of each book of the New Testament and Septuagint.

Patriarchal Text (1904) of the Greek Orthodox Church - This text is great because it can be pasted into a Word document with all the accents, breathings, etc.

NT Greek Reading Notes - This site has the entire Greek New Testament in Word form using the Galaxy font. You can download the font from the site. It also looks like it has some PDF files, which don't require the font, but I was only directed to login to a Yahoo account.

HTML Bible - This site has the New Testament in parallel Greek and English versions for each verse. For other online Bibles see the home page

SBL Greek New Testament with critical apparatus - This is the first critical Greek New Testament that has an open copyright for anyone to use.

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