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2003-04 Beginning Greek Tutorial
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2002-03 Beginning Greek Tutorial
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Areté - moral excellence, virtue; used by both Aristotle and St. Paul

Academy - Originally a gymnasium at Athens, sacred to the hero Academus. Then it gave its name to the school founded there by Plato in the early 4th cent. and was maintained by an unbroken line of successors until the 1st cent. BC.

What is the Areté Academy?

Areté Academy is a unique online tutorial service dedicated to equipping Christians with essential tools to clearly understand the Bible. As Christians we testify that our Holy Scriptures are our only rule of faith and the only foundation upon which we may construct a true education. All else is shifting sand. Unfortunately, many Christians only learn to read the Bible secondhand from varying translations. The Areté Academy offers a unique program to equip you to understand the New Testament firsthand, in the language in which it was written. Learning Biblical Greek will establish the solid foundation for your Christian education.

In addition to enabling Christians to read the actual words of the New Testament, learning Greek provides an essential element of a broader classical education. The Greek language of the classical age (roughly speaking, from Homer to Alexander the Great, or about the eighth to the fourth centuries B.C.) gave to western civilization the great myths, fables, plays, prose and poetic forms, philosophies, scientific and medical studies, political ideas, and histories which have informed our culture beyond calculation. Think of the Trojan War, the tragedy of Oedipus, Socrates' dialogues, Plato's philosophy, Aristotle's science, and Plutarch's biographies. The very similar Greek of the Hellenistic age (Alexander to Constantine, or about 330 B.C. to A.D. 330) was the language of an equally wide variety of literature, including especially the writings of the New Testament and Church fathers. Greek again became part of the common education in the western world from the Renaissance onward until less than a hundred years ago. A student of Greek will have direct access to the great literature of the ancient and early Christian world unimpeded by translations.

    "I have become convinced that of all that human language has produced truly and simply beautiful, I knew nothing before I learned Greek...Without a knowledge of Greek there is no education." --Leo Tolstoy

    "Learn Greek; it is the language of wisdom." --George Bernard Shaw

What makes the Areté Academy unique is its commitment to impart the understanding of Greek through both conversation and composition. This method provides students with the best opportunity for fluency. Since active composition is a greater accomplishment than passive reading, after learning how to write, students find reading Greek enjoyable. Attaining the place where reading comes relatively quickly is the only way to ensure that this skill will benefit the students understanding of the Bible for years to come. Unfortunately, most Greek courses do not teach composition and hardly any teach conversation. As a result the majority of people who learn only to decipher the written Greek word find that skill too cumbersome to maintain and quickly forget the language. However, people who are able to read without having to look up every word and have a natural feel for verb forms, are blessed with a life skill of enjoying the nuances of the New Testament as it was written. By teaching student to dialogue in Greek, the Areté Academy endows students with natural parsing and vocabulary skills which come readily to mind when presented with the language. Of course the Areté Academy presents all of the basic grammar alongside of the dialogues and oral exercises. This basic grammar is primarily learned through composition exercises which enable students to enjoy quickly translating from Greek into English.

The courses are taught by the director of the Institute for Biblical Greek, John Schwandt, M.A. Mr. Schwandt is the Fellow of Languages at New St. Andrews College and has taught multiple language courses there for the past six years. Mr. Schwandt also developed Greek In A Week summer intensive language learning courses. This will be the fifth annual presentation of those courses at various locations across the United States this summer. Mr. Schwandt has developed and serves as the director of the National Biblical Greek Exam which all Areté Academy students are encouraged to take at no cost. Mr. Schwandt is an energetic instructor whose enthusiasm for Greek is contagious

2. Tutorial Descriptions

The Areté Academy is currently offering two levels of tutorials. The beginning level is for students who are new to Greek or desire a review from the beginning. The intermediate tutorial moves beyond the basics or may be used by veteran Greek students to refresh their skills. The intermediate tutorial will work through a three books of the New Testament each year.

The academic year consists of 32 sessions from late August to mid May. Each session is a two hour net meeting with live audio and chat capabilities. During the lectures, students are encouraged to type comments and questions in the real-time chat window for immediate feedback. The tutorials also utilize an online forum to between class meetings. Visit the online forum to get a feel of some last year's beginning tutorial.

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To ensure personal interaction and optimal web performance class sizes are limited. Be sure to inquire about available space before sending the deposit.

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  • The tutorial tuition is only $400. This works out to only $6.25 for each hour of class. If the full payment is made by August 1st. the deposit counts toward the full tuition. We also offer a payment plan, $200 by August 1st and $200 by January 1st, not including the deposit.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not delighted by the course within the first month you may withdraw with a full refund minus the deposit.
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